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Please alert CIMWI by calling our RESCUE HOLTINE at (805) 567-1505 or fill out the RESCUE FORM below.

Thank you for making a difference!

Online Rescue Form

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1. Do Not Touch!

Do not touch, feed, harass, cover, pour water on, allow dogs near or coax the animal into the water.

2. Observe Animal

Observe the animal from a minimum of 50 feet. Keep both people and pets away from the stranded animal. Note the physical characteristics and condition:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Presence or Absence of Ear Flaps
  • Body Condition (good body weight, thin or emaciated)
  • Behavior (active or lethargic)
  • Injuries or Wounds
  • Spasms/Convulsions
  • Entangled in Marine Debris (plastic, fishing line/net, etc.)

3. Determine Location

Determine the exact location of the animal. Be as accurate as possible and note any landmarks so CIMWI’s rescue team can easily find the animal.

4. Please Call Hotline : (805) 567-1505 or fill out the rescue form

Provide your name, phone number, specific information about the animal and its location.